About Norm Design

Hi Everyone

My name is Kieran Normoyle .

I am 21 years old and I am currently studying Product Design and Technology in the University of Limerick .

About Norm Design

Well, As a student studying Design. I decided to set up my own Free Lance Company.

So, If  you have a idea that you may want  developed, or want to cut cost’s in your existing company, need a Product,Website , or Layout of a business Redesigned feel free to contact me.

Most importantly

The COST IS FREE, As I hope to gain experience in the Work Force in my reliant field.

Any Donations of course would be happily accepted.

Contact Details.

Mobile.             0868461121

Email.               NormDesign@solution4u.com

Thanks again

Kieran Normoyle


tank design

hey everyone this is a tank contest i entered in September

Design your Porsche vehicle

Three prizes will be awarded based upon a thorough description of the vehicle.
Drafts, sketches, drawings are encouraged and will improve the chance to win.
Designs for the tank should address the following elements:
* What primary tank gun would it use?
* What type of secondary machine guns would be installed on it?
* What engine and chassis would make it move?
* What hull and turret shape would be optimal for it?
* What radio and optical equipment would suit it best?

The general rules:
• Only one work per player is allowed;
• The image should not violate the game/forum rules, or EULA.

These are the questions you’ll need to answer when designing an ideal tank of your own. The only limit for your imagination is the vehicle you will design should use technologies available no later than December of 1945, contain design and/or details classical for Porsche and able to be either mass-produced or produced for certain purposes in limited quantity.

The World of Tanks team is inviting contestants to your versions of light, medium, heavy tanks, TD’s and SPG’s.

Thoroughly describing your tank’s possible development history will be a plus. You will also get much more chances to win the main prize if you provide drafts or images of your tank.

Please send your work with the subject line Design Your Tank Contest to prizes@worldoftanks.com, and do not forget to provide your nickname and the server you are playing on.

* The winner will get 10000 gold.
* The runner-up will be awarded 8000 gold .
* The third place holder will get 5000 gold .

The contest will be open for two weeks and end on the 15th of September.

this is the tank history i wrote .

hi heres my tank

* primary tank gun = 8.8 kwk 43L/ 71
* type of secondary machine guns =  three MG42’s
* engine and chassis = engine Porsche Deutz typ 180/z 840 hp and chassic = 5 suspension Breitketten
* hull and turret = hull is the tiger 1 and turret is the tiger 2
* radio and optical equipment = radio fug 12

the tank history

in 1945 with German industry in ruins Hitler ordered Porsche to present him with as many fighting vehicles as  possible . faced with a near to impossible tank   Porsche had to look to other methods of producing tanks. there answer lay in the scrap heaps of tanks that lay outside the factories. tanks of all shapes and sizes that had been knocked out from almost 6 years of war, but yet a young designer by the name of kieran normoyle  came up with a idea there were still working modules within some of the tanks . together Dr Porsche and normoyle worked continuously to come up with working designs . the end result was rather surprising for both of them. a new tank that comprised of the tiger 1’s maneuverability  and the tiger 2’s great gun and Armour. the tiger- Norm’ by using the tiger 1’s hull and tracks with a upgraded engine along with the tiger 2’s turret and 8.8 kwk 43L/ 71 Gun it created a fear some monster that would strike fear into what ever allied tanks it would come across in the field. it would be fitted with two MG42’s in the turret and hull along with a third MG42 on the commanders cup-hole for anti air and infantry purposes.  the front Armour of the hull and turret would be increased to 150mm thick to make it almost impossible for any allied tanks to penetrate from the front the side Armour was increased to 100 mm, leaving the rear Armour rather exposed .

35 Panzer VI   were produced and saw limited service on the eastern front. knocking out 527 Russian tanks , all tanks were lost in battle , mainly dude to the crews destroying them dude to mechanical break downs and preventing them from falling into enemy hands.